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Brendan Smith takes the Red Wings to arbitration


The NHL Players Association released a list of 21 players who have elected to take their teams to salary arbitration and our very own Brendan Smith is the lone Red Wings player on the list. Smith is coming off his 3 year entry level contract with the Wings that saw him make $875,000 per year at the NHL level. Once a player files for arbitration there's usually about a month before the hearing and most cases are resolved before the hearing. I don't know what the initial offer was from the Wings, but given Smith's performance this year, I'm guessing it's something like mandatory "how to play defense" lessons with Chris Chelios, and 50% off Little Caesars Pizza.. Don't look at me like that, I'm just kidding.

The last player to take the Wings to arbitration was Jiri Hudler. Valtteri Filppula filed in 2008, but came to a 5 yr deal before the deadline. Kyle Quincey also filed for arbitration last year but came to a 2 yr agreement before the deadline as well.

Smith either wants a little more money, or perhaps a longer term than the Wings initially offered him, but Helene St. James tweeted that Kenny Holland said if it does go all the way to the arbitration hearing, the Wings would be offering a 2 year term.

Going to arbitration kind of sounds awful, but it could also mean next to nothing. I will say though, that if, IF, Smith is trying to get a bigger deal than he's worth, all Holland has to do is whip out just about any footage from last season as rebuttal. There's still plenty of time for a deal to get done, and I fully expect it to happen before the arbitration deadline.