Should anyone ever wear the #91 again?

Original image from Jennifer Leigh Photography manipulated by Josh Howard

Many times, this subject has come up. Jurco asked for it and quickly changed his mind after being told about the situation. Tatar has liked it. Frk claims to have been at least partially inspired by Sergei's play.

Well, up until recently, I was under the impression that no player would receive it. Most of us assumed that Fedorov was going to at least try and come over to play in the Winter Classic to make amends with old man Ilitch... then this happened:

Sergei Fedorov in Sovietski Sport after Kovalchuk defection to KHL. Fedorov, GM of CSKA, talks of trying to coax other NHL stars to Russia.

Hmm... not so fast. That doesn't sound very nice now does it? The question I have is, will anyone ever get the #91 again on a Detroit team? It certainly isn't going in the rafters, that's for sure.

What say you?

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