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Quick Hits: July 18th Edition

Jeff Gross

Red Wings News

Datsyuk and Zetterberg's Off-Season, Issue Four | Octopus Thrower
Pavel and Z are back.

Clearing the Logjam " The Production Line - TP:60

Great article by TPL on the Wings current roster situation.

Front Office Honored By AHL | Grand Rapids Griffins

For selling tickets.

2012 draft pick Jake Paterson shows confidence in goal during Red Wings' camp | Detroit Free Press |

All of a sudden we seem to have quite a few good prospects at the goaltender position.

Jamie Samuelsen's blog: Wishing these athletes would return to Detroit, too | Detroit Free Press |

Hossa is the obvious choice for the Wings. His skill is undeniable.

NHL News

NHL 14: Will the old school ever meet the next generation? -
I wished that they would have included the old rosters. It would be great playing with the old Wings team. Sergei, Vladdy, and Stevie!

Daly: no ‘contingency plans’ for Olympic boycott (which let’s be honest won’t happen anyway) | ProHockeyTalk
They're not going to boycott the Olympics. Not in this day and age. And if they do, I hope all of the Europeans (and Canadians?) dart off and play for their respective national teams.

5 Most Memorable Jerseys in NHL History | The Hockey Writers
What about the Winged Wheel?

Every team in Finland gets its own ‘NHL 14’ cover (Photos) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Good marketing. You buy your favorite team's cover. I'd do that if they did it in the NHL.

Daly expects NHL schedule, Olympics announcement this week | ProHockeyTalk
Could even happen today.

Bobby Ryan doesn't want to fill Alfredsson's role with Ottawa Senators - The Hockey News

Because he doesn't want to be a leader.

Tallon: Panthers ‘going to go with our young guys’ next season | ProHockeyTalk
Someone wants McDavid.

Crosby named Best NHL Player at ESPY Awards | TSN

I hate to say it but, he probably is. But is he the the best center? Nope. That award goes to Mr. Pavel Datsyuk.

Hockey Hugs: The top 10 celebratory photos of 2012-13 NHL season | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
The Red Wings don't have time for hugging. They're too busy winning.

Let's Go Red Wings!