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Mike Babcock Named Coach of Team Canada


Detroit Red Wings head coach has been named head coach of Team Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

This is obviously great news for all of us around here. I mean, how else can you describe one of the best coaches in the world being chosen to lead his country's team in the Olympics? We have long felt that Babcock was underrated and under-appreciated as a head coach and finally he will get an opportunity to show why he's considered one of the top coaches in all of hockey.

Babcock is the only coach in the history of hockey to have won a Stanley Cup, IIHF World Championship and Olympic Gold Medal. This past season he took the worst Red Wings team of the last 20 years and led them to within a goal of ousting the eventual Stanley Cup champions after an unlikely first round playoff win. If he could do that with a team that had average talent throughout the lineup, what could he do with a team of superstars?

Ok that's in the NHL. But he hasn't had much success with a national team of any kind, right?

Welp. Good luck, world; you're going to need it.