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Atlantic (Division) Rim: Detroit Red Wings

He looks like he's falling down
He looks like he's falling down

Hey so I finally got around to seeing 'Pacific Rim' and it was a lot of fun. Seriously, it's still out in theaters and it's a great experience. If you're not cool with the "Robots fighting monsters" concept, then get cool with it. More details available at the official film website (

It's also summertime and there's not a great deal going on, which led me to the hilarious site 4thstringjaegers on Tumblr. Since they link to the online app where you can create your own, I had some fun with it. Sadly, you can't make them one-legged or anything (without chopping the pic), but there's a lot of options and poses you can go with. I put together those two, what can you come up with?

Post your pictures/links in the comments.

Jaeger Creator


Don't worry, his feet only leave the ground here as a result of contact.