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The Production Line's Pledge Drive is Live

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Gregory Shamus

Several years ago, the online Wings fan community started a pledge drive to raise enough money to bring a fan from Brazil to Detroit to witness his first live Red Wings game. Once the goal was met, the fans kept on giving. The money that wasn't needed to bring Herm to Hockeytown was instead donated to charity.

This became something of a tradition and it's been led by the fellows at The Production Line, who have taken to setting up pledge drives leading up to a get-together game for all the fans. Since there's one huge, obvious get-together game for the Wings this season, they've set up 11 dates prior to January 1st that they'll track as "pledge games".

The goal is simple and fun: You pledge propositions on things to take place for those games, they count them up, and then you donate your pledged amount for charity.

You want to give $22 every time Jordin Tootoo scores a goal? Do it!
Dare to pledge a hundo on Helmer scoring a shorty? Here's your chance.
Dollars for Datsyuk's Dangles? Well... how about something more easily-quantifiable?

Head over to TPL to sign up for your pledges here and we'll get ready to see you at the Winter Festival.