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WIIM Radio 2.0

Fan of Winging It In Motown Radio?

Well we have great news for you.

Thanks to SBNation and BlogTalkRadio, starting TONIGHT at 10:30p ET, you can listen to WIIM Radio live on the internet. Join me, Graham, Tyler and J.J. as we chat about the Red Wings offseason. And you can literally join us too. The new system allows us to take listeners calls during the broadcast (if we feel like talking to you). We'll get through the regular stuff and then start bringing callers in later.

To listen tonight at 10:30p ET, visit our BlogTalkRadio home page and click on the latest episode. From there, just hit play and enjoy.

So join us tonight as we talk about the Olympics, offseason shenanigans and anything else our listeners want to chime in about.

Let's Go Red Wings.