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Weekend Errata/Open Thread: July 28

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

This was fun last week so I did it again. I probably won't do it next week because by then it'll be work.

Did you catch this week's episode of WIIM Radio yet? We recorded it live and I personally liked the way it worked. The immediate feedback in the chat helped keep us focused. We went longer than we expected, but I liked the new format. I know it's unfortunate that the live shows start so late, stay tuned though because we're kicking around the idea of doing midday shows in the future.

Getting to Know the CBA made it up just in time on Friday. If you want to know how Waivers work (and why wouldn't you?), you can head here to read all about it.

The Production Line's 2013 Pledge Drive is here. If you haven't made pledges yet, there's plenty of time to get it done, but just keep it in mind. If you're having trouble thinking of good ways to prop-bet your way to some feel-good, here's some ideas for you:

  • Pledge $10 if Stephen Weiss has more points than Valtteri Filppula by the end of November. (1% of 1% of the salary difference between the two per season).
  • Pledge $26 for the Wings keeping Jiri Hudler off the scoresheet on the 19th of December when the Wings meet the Flames.
  • Pledge $0.25 for every shot on goal the Wings put up against Anaheim on the 17th (only fitting for such a two-bit organization).
  • Pledge your undying love for the Dark Lord Bertuzzi and give $44 in his honor just because.
  • Pledge $1,000 if the Wings use Jonas Gustavsson to beat the Leafs in Toronto on December 21st.
  • SWEAR JAR: Pledge a dime for every time you drop the F-Bomb in a gamethread during one of TPL's 11 game dates (if you seriously do this one, let us know so we can help the auditors keep count of this.)

Olympic stuff happened this past week. Specifically, Mike Babcock was named the head coach of Team Canada and a few teams released their preliminary camp invites. Babcock might have an advantage over Team Sweden if they meet in the elimination games, since he'll have four months' worth of coaching half of their team before the games start. Three American Red Wings received invites to Team America's camp. We expect Jimmy Howard should make the roster easy. It would be cool to see Danny DeKeyser get a shot and it's not wholly impossible that Justin Abdelkader gets the call.

Nobody created and submitted their own Red Wings Jaeger :(

In case you missed it late Saturday, Fox Sports Detroit served up a juicy rumor. According to their league source, the Wings and Nashville Predators have discussed the possibility of Jordin Tootoo returning to Nashville where he was well-loved. The Predators have the cap space, but they already have 14 forwards on their roster (not that you couldn't chuck a dart at that thing and just dump whichever random name it hits).

It would be nice if the Wings would get a start on clearing up the problem of having two too many (heh, Tootoo many...) forwards and I think back to Nashville would be a good spot for Tootoo, but right now, this is all just rumor and there's zero word as to what kind of return would be coming back.

There's also speculation that the Wings are interested in the Leafs' Cody Franson, the big right-shooting defenseman who easily slots into a 2nd pairing and would likely challenge Ericsson for a spot at the top. He put up good numbers last season, but is reportedly asking for too much money from the organization who thought giving David Clarkson $5.25M per season would be just dandy. No idea how the Wings would fit him into the roster/cap situation, but it would be interesting to see. Personally, the whole affair seems to me that the Leafs are trying to drive down his asking price by publicly negotiating. Why not? It worked with Bozak.

Roberto Luongo fired his agent, Ilya Bryzgalov remains unsigned, Marc-Andre Fleury is the most-average $5M netminder you'll find in the NHL today. It's not easy being a goalie.

July is almost over. Training camps will open before you know it. Keep telling yourself that, because the stir-craziness is preparing to settle into your brain.