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Things I Have Read This Week Which Make Me Laugh: Goodbye Western Delusion

This is from a Fanpost at On the Forecheck.


Oh boy.

One hundred and seventy four. A majority of voters on that poll would look at what the Predators have done in the postseason and say they have achieved a "great level of success".

If you can't laugh at that, then what can you laugh at?

It's almost too bad, because not even the author of that post voted other than average (I say this because there's a big difference to me between a "great level of success" and "above-average"). Don't get me wrong, the whole thing is actually filled with some pretty interesting stuff. I'd recommend giving it a read. Then, I recommend you read the comments for the laughs, as any number of people do some hilarious mental gymnastics to make excuses as to how it's ok for the Preds to be one of only five teams in the entire NHL to have failed to make at least one Conference Finals appearance in the last 15 years.

As a reminder, the Minnesota Wild came into the league after the Predators and they've made it to within one series of competing for the Cup.

To make up for the problem of being an expansion team, they cut off the first five years (despite the fact that the Wild, Panthers, and even the Blues all made it at least that far within the first five years of those teams' existence). This does leave them with a better-than-average record of making the playoffs. Combined with somehow having more financial setbacks than the Phoenix Coyotes (ha!), this somehow means they've had a "great deal" of success relative to the league.

The Preds aren't complete crap, despite how much fun it is to call them that and watch the insular idiots whine about how unfair it is. They might be average overall, since their lack of postseason success has been tempered by the fact that this is the first time since their very first year that they've had a top-five overall draft pick. I'm not sure any of the 18 different teams to make the Cup Finals in the 15 seasons that Nashville has existed would trade results with the Preds but there are a fair number of squads I'm sure would accept a mere two trips to the second round in that time period in return for their awful performances.

Calling it a "great deal" of success relative to the league though? Get real.