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Report: Red Wings sign Stephen Weiss

Welcome to Detroit.
Welcome to Detroit.
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Let's all breath a little sigh of relief.

When news came trickling out on Twitter that it was between the Red Wings and Blues for Panthers center Stephen Weiss' services, it was rumored that his cap hit would be $6M or so. That would be about $83,333 less than Henrik Zetterberg. What was the point of not overpaying one 2nd line center (Valtteri Filppula) in order to overpay another by even more?

Thankfully, Twitter doesn't always have the full story and the Wings have locked up Weiss for 5 years, $24.5 million. That's a number I think we can all stomach.

Stephen Weiss

#TBD / Center / Detroit Red Wings



Apr 03, 1983

G A P +/- PIM
2012 - Stephen Weiss 1 3 4 -13 25

Weiss' numbers from last year clearly suck… but that's because he missed pretty much all of last year after having wrist surgery. He averaged 56.7 points the 4 seasons before the lockout . Once again, not counting last season, he's scored 21, 20 and 28 goals in his last 3 full seasons.

He will have to find a new number since #9 will not be available. This also means we can wave goodbye to Valtteri Filppula once and for all. Damien Brunner and Daniel Cleary are also very unlikely to return after the Wings' signings today.