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Red Wings Development Camp Video Analysis: Bonus Possession Video

Video from the 2013 Red Wings Prospect Development Camp

Martin Frk
Martin Frk
Jennifer Leigh Photography

Sometimes computers are great, and other times they eat your valuable files and crap them out on your face. My computer ate some video files and I thought they were lost forever; fortunately I remembered that I made backup copies. Hooray! In celebration of recovering "lost" video that would have originally gone in yesterday's Puck Possession Development Camp Video post, this is my Frking Friday gift to you. Bonus Video!

  • Ryan Sproul started this group off with a solid performance. Sproul is strong skater, and you can see how far he leans on his edges keeping nice tight circles while creating as much distance as possible. He very nicely controls the puck with one hand while using the other to hold of the opposition. Excellent execution.
  • Skating isn't Martin Frk's strongest asset, but his stick handling and puck skills more than compensate. He's surprisingly strong, and very good at using his body to protect the puck. Look out AHL, Martin is going to (hopefully) Frk you up!

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