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Quick Hits: Friday Edition

Jeff Gross

Red Wings Links

Prime candidates: Nicklas Lidstrom vs. Zdeno Chara - Cross Checks Blog - ESPN

Top 5: Most Influential Detroit Red Wing Playoff Goals - Octopus Thrower
I love all these goals times a million billion trillion zillion infinity times infinity plus 1.

Darren Helm's status remains big question for Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Free Press |
He's the key to everything.

Where unsigned Wings Daniel Cleary, Damien Brunner will land is mystery | The Detroit News

Reader Opinion: Are The Red Wings Targeted By The NHL/Referees? | Pucking Wings

NHL News

Columbus Blue Jackets, National Hockey League of Nations | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports
Real solid edition for their Norway candidate. Bravo. Looking forward to see who writes the Wings post and who they pick for Canada… Yzerman or Howe?

Bettman on six outdoor games: ‘We can’t do enough of them’ | ProHockeyTalk
Yes, Gary, you can do enough of them. In fact, you're doing too many. Stop it. Just stop it.

Dave Lozo’s Bag Skate: The NHL is a wasteland in August, but some valuable pieces can still be added | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Will Daniel Cleary or Damien Brunner make this list in the future?

The 10 best restricted free agents that have yet to be re-signed | Backhand Shelf | Blogs |
Someone should throw stupid money at Pietrangelo to screw the Blues.

How we'd fix the NHL - Grantland
Sorry we're not sorry, Gary.

Let's Go Red Wings.