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Quick Hits: Miikka Kiprusoff Retires

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Red Wings News

Tootoo faces fight for roster spot - Detroit Red Wings - News
Roose hit the nail on this one: "Training camp is tryout camp for Jordin Tootoo.".

Dan Cleary: Saying Goodbye? - Octopus Thrower

Adios amigo. Have fun in Philly, or wherever you end up.

Bertuzzi highly motivated to earn his spot back | Macomb Daily

The spot in the press box. Sammy has taken over. Bert now needs to fight back.

Detroit Red Wings like prospect Marc McNulty's size but want to see him add weight and intensity |
But not Byfuglien weight.

Helm suffers another setback | FSD

I'm telling you, he isn't coming back.

Paterson, Coreau Give Wings Depth in Net - Detroit Red Wings - News

Remember when the only goaltender prospect we had was McCollum?

NHL News

Five things we’ll remember about Miikka Kiprusoff on the day of his retirement - Yahoo! Sports
For Calgary fans, there is a lot of good to remember.

Ottawa re-ups with Greening: three years, $7.95 million | ProHockeyTalk
He was set to be a UFA next offseason.

Tavares named 14th captain in Islanders' history | TSN
About time.

Report: Leafs, Kadri settle on term, still apart on money | ProHockeyTalk

Apparently Kadri wants 7 million for those two years, which gives him a $3.5 million AAV. I actually think that Kadri is worth $500,000 more than that but the Leafs seem to disagree since they seem to only be offering $5.7 million over those two years. That is a $2.85 million AAV.

Free agent Raymond to attend Maple Leafs camp on PTO | TSN
Raymond played with the Canucks last season.

Court rules Seattle arena plan does not violate state law | ProHockeyTalk

Does anyone else not like the whole green/neon thing that Seattle has?

Alex Ovechkin's participation in Olympic torch ceremony might conflict with NHL season -
When he hands it off to Pavel Datsyuk who then hands it off to Vladdy Konstantinov who than lights the torch. You can thank me later.

Byfuglien looks ‘slimmer and fitter’ ahead of camp | ProHockeyTalk

I could have sworn that the title read "slimmer and fatter".

NHL rule changes: League rewrites illegal check to head rule -
The NHL has revised Rule 48.1.

Ovechkin’s fiancee celebrates two-year anniversary with mushy tweet | ProHockeyTalk

And like any good boyfriend, he retweeted it.

Let's Go Red Wings!