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Update: Not so Fast on Cleary to Philadelphia

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Tom Szczerbowski

Well this is fun:

Oh boy does it get better though:

I have no idea what's going on and neither does anybody else at this point. Cleary couldn't sign the 3-year $8.25M contract rumored with the Flyers because it put the team over the offseason salary cap buffer which can't be cleared until the season starts and the team puts Chris Pronger on LTIR. This means officially Dan Cleary can be a free agent for the rest of this month and do fun stuff like meet with the Red Wings to raise everybody's blood pressure again.

We'll keep you updated as best we can as things happen.

Update #1 - Paul Holmgren doesn't seem to think there's a problem.

Update #2 - Several writers close to the Flyers are saying basically the same thing here.