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Clearywatch 2013: Daniel Cleary not at Flyers Camp?

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Good morning all! I know you're looking for more good Dan Cleary news. Well have I got a treat for you.


This still means just about nothing in the grand scheme of things other than Cleary either didn't actually sign a PTO with the Flyers like was reported or he's abandoned that PTO (or Sam Carchidi is wrong or there's a last-second switch in the plan that means Cleary will be skating with the 10:30 group instead).

The problem with the news meaning just about nothing is that it also means just a little something. Cleary not skating in Philly this morning adds a lot of fuel to the worry that his three-year deal with the Flyers isn't happening and that's because of the rumored meeting Cleary had with Ken Holland and Mike Babcock in Traverse City yesterday.

I'm sure there's plenty more of this story to come. I will say that if Red Wings nation is going to have to get used to the idea of bringing Dan Cleary back, it'll be a whole lot easier if he joins their training camp sometime soon.