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Video: Teemu Pulkkinen Suspended Four Games

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The NHL announced their suspension of Red Wings' forward Teemu Pulkkinen, giving him four preseason games to learn his lesson about perhaps being a bit too fired up on his first ever NHL shift (which Brendan Shanahan actually mentions in the video as he discusses how the player has no prior history).

I'm pretty relieved at this suspension. Pulkkinen was certainly reckless. He seemed to realize what he was doing right as he made contact and held up on the hit, but he still drove a guy head-first into the boards from a dangerous distance. He's simply got to do better and sitting out those preseason games will be a lesson for him. Considering he had an in-person hearing, which would have allowed the league to suspend him for more than five, I'm wondering if he got called into the head offices just to impress upon him to be smarter.

Pulkkinen is not the kind of player who will make a career out of hits like this. He made a bad decision in a very short amount of time. I'm also relieved, but kind of confused to hear about how Mike Kostka didn't suffer an injury on the play; hearing from Joel Quenneville after the game, I figured he might be worse off than the DoPS just said he is.