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Preseason Game Recap: Boston Bruins (2) at Detroit Red Wings (0)

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Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit welcomed the Bruins into town for a rematch of Thursday night's 8-2 spanking. This time, the Bruins were the squad with more NHLers (although not in goal).

Boston broke the tie late in the 2nd period off a Carl Soderberg goal to put them up 1-0. They added another early in the third and never looked back, taking the game 2-0.

This one was radio-only, so I wasn't able to see the action, but we had Ken Kal and Paul Woods on this one and they're actually good radio announcers, so lots more action got called (although AM1270's online feed had a fun habit of automatically cutting off for long commercial breaks whether game action was happening at the time or not).

I heard Nyquist's and Bertuzzi's name a lot in positive ways. Nyquist had a few takeaways that led to chances the other way while those in the building remarked that Bertuzzi looked healthy and engaged while still having the very good hands that we often forget about. Also this happened.

Stephen Weiss and Daniel Cleary also seemed to be doing pretty well, considering they were out there against the Bruins' best. I was hoping that Weiss would be able to hold his own in such a matchup and it certainly sounded like he did, but he's got to get shots on goal. Dan Cleary didn't steal any goals from Tomas Tatar, so we're happy with him for now.

Gustavsson had a good two periods, but apparently is still kind of terrifyingly mobile in his own zone. He got caught out of his net once through his own fault and another time because he skated into Kyle Quincey (which is automatically Quincey's fault just because). He was originally slated to play the whole game, but was apparently shaken up on the goal he allowed, perhaps with a tweaked groin.

Cory Emmerton did not have a good game from the sounds of it.

Wings win 8-4 on preseason aggregate. Better luck next year, Bruins.

Tomorrow's game against the Blackhawks will be broadcast on FSD and picked up nationally on NHL Network. That game's at 5PM.