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2013 Red Wings Development Camp Bonus Video: 2 & 3-Man Rush Drills

Dean Chelios
Dean Chelios
Jennifer Leigh Photography

Thanks to the great work of our own Slapshotgoal, there's so much great stuff from the 2013 Red Wings Development Camp that we wanted to make sure we got it all out there as we prepare to focus on the Traverse City Prospects Tournament and the eventual beginning of Red Wings Training Camp.

We'll have another in-depth coverage post up later today, but right now as a bonus, we've got 2 and 3-man rush drills. Check these out. You'll notice the purpose is to always have traffic crashing on the rush as the shot comes in on net. Some shooters are firing for rebounds and others are looking for daylight.

We'll start with the 3-man drill.

Next up is the two-man rushes. Same concept, as before, but with the assumption that either the center or defensive wing was too deep to join the transition.

Here's the last one, my favorite of the three. You'll notice a switch-up later in the drills as they change to have the puck-carrier run parallel to the blue line (as defenders will often force him to do) while the other rusher goes to goalie's sight line.

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