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Report: Dan Cleary to the Flyers

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Dave Sandford

We've been hearing stories all summer long about where Dan Cleary would end up after choosing to test free agency after his previous five-year contract with the Red Wings expired. Today, it seems we have resolution on the topic and can finally put this one to bed.

Oh man, that is quite a deal for Danny Cleary, who earned his $2.8M AAV on a five-year deal starting in 2008. For a guy whose performance is expected to drop off, that's not a large drop in salary.

It appears Cleary will be the Flyer's 14th forward going into this season. I like how Joe Yerdon put it.

Broad Street Hockey will have more info on how Cleary fits into the Flyers' organizational depth chart, but a cursory look indicates he'll fit on the right side above Zac Rinaldo and will be able to play a variety of other roles to gain more than just 4th-liner minutes. Cleary is an effective net-front player and a good penalty killer who should be able to take minutes off other guys.

As a reminder on Philly's oft-maligned cap situation, the Flyers being over the cap according to Capgeek is a quirk of the system that shows nobody being on injured reserve at this time. When the season starts, the Flyers will place Chris Pronger on LTIR and will clear up just under $5M worth of cap space with that move.