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Winging It In Motown Welcomes Kyle McIlmurray

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[Editor's note: Please give our newest writer a warm welcome. Some of you may remember Kyle from his excellent interviews with Red Wings prospects Jake Paterson and Tyler Bertuzzi. Well we're calling him up and burning off his remaining waiver exemption. As is custom, we want to give everybody a solid opportunity to dislike our new writers when they first join, so we made him talk all about himself for a full post. Sadly, he disappointed us by being interesting. Give it a read and give Kyle a warm welcome for us. - J.J.]

Hey gang! My name's Kyle (@kylemcilmurray), for some reason some people call me kyel or kel, so I guess take with that what you may.. I got the invite from Michelle and J.J. to be a contributing writer here at WiiM and I couldn't be more excited about it. I've been a Red Wings fan my entire life, so I guess you could say I bleed red! (Wait... Okay yeah we'll go with that.) I'll take a little time here to tell you some things about me that you might not know...

I am a 24 year old, hockey-loving, keyboard-mashing, lunatic from Farmington Hills, Michigan. I live here with my 7 month old Boston Terrier, Butters.. You might have seen his pictures on Twitter.. I only post them every day, or something. I work in IT and do that full-time for a company based in New Hudson. Most of my free-time is based around hockey. Whether it's playing, watching, writing, reading, thinking, fantasizing.. er, um.. Well.. *mic feedback*
Some of you might know me from Twitter, or from my fan posts, or from my comments here on WiiM.

Here are some quick facts about me:

Favorite food: Caramel Corn
Favorite movie: Die Hard
Favorite bands: Metallica, Alexisonfire, Jimmy Eat World, Morrissey, AFI, Postal Service
Hobbies: Video Games, writing, playing hockey, and cooking
Favorite current Red Wing: Tomas Tatar
Favorite current Griffin: Ryan Sproul
Favorite all-time Red Wing: Igor Larionov
Favorite Non-Red Wing Player: Kari Lehtonen or John Tavares
Position played in hockey: Goalie
Bold Opinion: Detroit should retire #91
Things I really don't like: Parody accounts on Twitter, Ketchup, and Teemu Selanne.

Before I was in IT, I traveled the world doing tour managing and guitar tech for a few different musical artists. I've been to 48 states, and 13 different countries, which include Sweden (AHHHHHH MOTHERLAND!!)


I'm joining WiiM to bring you information and stories about our youth and prospects, as well as providing my personal insight to current DRW transactions and events. I will be joining up with Michelle to give you fun and encouraging analysis to the very bright future that the Detroit Red Wings have. So buckle up, and enjoy the ride. Keep all hands inside while moving, and don't forget: Mantha-bating is highly encouraged!
Again, Thanks to J.J. and the WiiM crew for bringing me aboard. Let's have some fun, eh?