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Watch Henrik Zetterberg's Game-Winner against the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday Night

I know you haven't gotten enough of watching this yet. Go ahead and watch it several more times. Do it.

Want to see something else nice? Check out how the faceoff win led to a clever breakout which created this goal:


That's just a pretty breakout made possible with sharp passing from start to finish. The Leafs play this a little passively too (especially Kessel on Kronwall at the very start and again with Franson giving too much space to Zetterberg entering the high slot), but the key to this play was the outlet from Ericsson up to Kronwall in stride. I was a bit nervous about going to Zetterberg in the middle of his own zone with Bozak covering him so tight, but it drew significant distance between the forecheckers and the defense, which helped Detroit build the speed necessary to create the one-timer opportunity. Ericsson hitting Kronwall in-stride basically made this a 3-on-2, which is a big part of why I think Franson gave up the space necessary for Zetterberg to get his shot off.