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Gamethread: Detroit Red Wings at Montreal Canadiens

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Don't care. Never get tired of this picture
Don't care. Never get tired of this picture
Claus Andersen
Montreal Canadiens Team Detroit Red Wings
5-1-0 10 points Record 3-1-1 7 points
Carey Price (4-1-1 3.38 GAA) Starting Goaltender Jimmy Howard (2-1-1 1.72 GAA)
Habs Eyes on the Prize SB Nation Blog / Last meeting First meeting of the year
7:30 PM EST Time - Television FSD, RDS, CITYM

The Habs sit atop the division on a strong start. They've got a good team, a good goalie, and one of the best defensemen in the game right now.

I ain't give a shit. They've got Michel "The Carpathian" Therrien behind their bench and we have Babcock.

Have fun in the comments and let's go Red Wings.