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GameThread: Detroit Red Wings at Toronto Maple Leafs

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
Toronto Maple Leafs Team Detroit Red Wings
10-8-2 22 points Record 10-4-5 25 points
Jonathan Bernier (6-5-2 2.66 GAA) Starting Goaltender Jimmy Howard (8-3-4 1.97 GAA)
Pension Plan Puppets SB Nation Blog / Last meeting Oct 18th (1-0 OTW)
7:00 PM EST Time - Television FSD, CBC

The Leafs are a funny story of a dangerous team run by a dangerously stupid coach who answers to a dangerously complicated set of higher-ups to keep their dangerously volatile fans from feeling disrespected thanks to dangerously incompetent journalists in the area.

The Leafs are capable of beating every single team in this league. The team among the entirety of the NHL that they're the very best at beating is themselves. Detroit needs to take advantage of that habit. The road trip has gone well so far, but this is the most-important game of the last three they've played. Skying the puck past their forecheckers to put pressure on their defensemen worked pretty well the last time these two teams met. Let's see if it will work again.

Have fun in the comments and let's go Red Wings.