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Roster Move: Jurco & Sheahan to Grand Rapids - Samuelsson to Detroit

Mike Carlson

It was announced today that the Detroit Red Wings sent Tomas Jurco and Riley Sheahan down to Grand Rapids and called up Mikael Samuelsson. Now, before you all grab your torches and start climbing clock towers, it should be known that this is nothing but a PAPER TRANSACTION. Mikael Samuelsson has been out the past couple of games in GR with an injury. I have reason to believe that Detroit will be moving him to IR. It's been pretty evident to not only the fans, but the coaches that Mikael Samuelsson is virtually useless on this team. No way in hell he trumps one of the young guns from Grand Rapids who have been putting on a show for us all.

Now, there is more than what meets the eye here. I have reason to believe that this move is to ready space for Stephen Weiss to serve his conditioning stint with Grand Rapids later this month to get himself ready to make his return from injury.

My opinion? After the Olympics you will see Samuelsson sent back to GR (if he isn't on IR still.) That's where things could get a little weird. We then have our centers set on all four lines with Hank & Pav, Weiss, Helm, Glenny. Riley Sheahan and Tomas Jurco have made their cases that they are ready to go in the NHL. Let's not forget we have a couple of other guys in the likes of Landon Ferraro and Mitch Callahan who have yet to get their chance on the big stage. I'd like to see that happen, but are the Red Wings in a spot where they can gamble on players who haven't proven themselves? Not really. But hey, it's worked in the past hasn't it?