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Henrik Zetterberg Is Done for the Olympics

The Swedish national team announced that Zetterberg's back is acting up again, and it could cost him more than just his tenure as captain of Team Sweden.

Bruce Bennett

With constant speculation surrounding Zetterberg's condition Thursday afternoon, Friday morning delivered probably the biggest blow to Team Sweden and possibly the Detroit Red Wings as they head down the stretch towards the playoffs.

Henrik Zetterberg's back is injured yet again, only this time it is significantly worse.

Team Doctor Björn Waldebäck, loosely translated by George Malik, told the media that Zetterberg's NHL season "may also be in danger."

The prognosis is pretty loose at this point in time, but the fact that an injury as severe as Zetterberg's herniated disc is developing as severely and as quickly as it is may not be the best development in the aging forward's career.

Zetterberg, according to Swedish media, is being sent back to Detroit for the time being, and rumors have swirled that he actually might not even be in Sochi at this very moment.

Sweden has formally announced that in Zetterberg's absence, Niklas Kronwall will be the new team captain, and Daniel Alfredsson will be an alternate.

As the cringe-worthy details develop, we will keep you posted.

Update: 2:50AM 2/14/14

Update: 5:00PM 2/14/14 - SlapshotGoal

Zetterberg's back pain is "20 times worse" than it was before.