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Olympic Hockey Open Thread Wednesday: Czech Republic vs. United States and Latvia vs. Canada

After Tuesday's Qualification Round and this morning's games, we're down to just six teams in the Olympic Ice Hockey Men's Tournament.

Martin Rose

Can you feel it? That's the excitement of an impending showdown, one we've been anticipating for the last four years. We'll finally get to see which country is better at producing hockey players: Latvia or the Czech Republic.

Holy crap, can you imagine if either team from North America shits the bed today? I don't know about you, but that would ruin these Olympics for me, either team losing. Then again, the Swiss were supposed to handily beat the Latvians and we saw how that turned out for them. I don't expect Team Canada to have any trouble handling Latvia, but the United States is playing the second-best team to make it out of the Qualification round. The Czechs are a bit of a mess and they're not put together well, but this is a dangerous team.

Canada is led against the Flying Ozolinshes by their defensive scoring (without PK Subban, no less). Meanwhile, The United States will put Phil Kessel out against the non-Hudlers. The US I expect to be fired up. The Czechs? Well I expect they'll be a bit more...Praguematic (woo!)

Open thread time. Promise we'll all still be friends after today?