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Olympic Open Thread: U.S.A. vs. Canada

The Signing of the Declaration of Kesselpendence (1781)
The Signing of the Declaration of Kesselpendence (1781)
from awesome Twitter user @Whoabot

The earlier semifinal between Sweden and Finland was the battle of Scandinavia. This game, between two hockey giants, is the battle of all of North America.

U.S.A. vs. Canada

It was going to happen. At some point in this tournament, the U.S. and Canada were bound to meet.

The stakes can't be much higher than those available today. It's win or lose for both teams, and one of the two nations will have to settle for the bronze-medal game.

Everyone is getting hyped up for the game. Even President Oshie Obama and PM Harper.

Canada will be without John Tavares, who is out for the rest of the season. That said, Canada doesn't lack star players.

On paper, this shouldn't even be a competition. Canada should just be handed the silver medal and be done with it.

But, games aren't won on paper. They are won on the ice. And lately, there has been no better team on the ice than Team USA.

If the U.S. is ever going to win the Olympics, it is now . Team USA has it's deepest and most skilled squad ever, and, it doesn't hurt to have a guy by the name of Quick in net.

I don't expect today's game to be low scoring. Nor do I expect it to be a blowout. This game is going to go down to the last second.

Remember folks, it's just a hockey game. That said, enjoy, as this may be the last time that the U.S. and Canada face each other with NHL players on their rosters.

Let's Go U.S.A.!