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Bronze Medal Gamethread: United States vs. Finland

Clive Mason

Good morning. How is everybody? Feeling pretty good?

I'm not. I'm not happy to be here. I'd love to be happy because the U.S. had a hell of a tourney, but fuck that. By now, the United States is a good enough hockey country to have expectations. That's what makes a dick-kicking like what happened yesterday hurt even more. The Americans are a dangerous, talent-filled roster and the semifinal game they lost wasn't particularly close.

I want them to take it out on Finland today and limp home with the bronze. I just don't know if I can expect that. Finland is also a good team and their strengths match up well against the United States' weaknesses (defense against speed, beating great goaltending, staying patient against a solid team defensive system).

No consolation prize for this game, fellas. Make it count.