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CSSI Analysis: Red Wings 5 - Capitals 6 (OT)

Greg Fiume

Sorry about the delay on this post, folks. I had a self-inflicted DVR problem with this one and had to wait for the blackout on the GCL replay to lift before I could re-watch this one.

I think the reffing in this game was bad. Washington went 3/6 on the power play and Detroit 2/3. Hey, at least our power play scored!.  Shots were 30-28 in favor of the Wings.

CSSI Methodology Explanation here

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Neither goalie played superbly, but this was largely a game of defensive mistakes. Howard could have potentially stolen this one and didn't though.

The Goals

1st Period 04:43 - Washington Goal: Jason Chimera (wrist shot) from Joel Ward and Connor Carrick
The Caps have all the jump to start the game and get the first goal of the game when a shooting gallery leads to an open net rebound goal for Chimera. Ward, Chimera, and Wellman enter the Wings' zone on a left wing rush that gets them set up. Sheahan, Smith, and Kindl combine to push Wellman back from the top of the circle to the point. Wellman throws it through traffic just wide. The puck bounces out the other side where Carrick picks it up low in the circle on a pinch in and throws a backhand pass to the front of the net where Joel Ward beats out Riley Sheahan in front to get a shot off. Howard is down to block the shot, but it kicks back out to the circle on the back door where Chimera is waiting for the put-away goal. Abdelkader will be cleared on this play, but he's the only one. Smith and Jurco will each pick up a half minus on the play, as neither prevents a very dangerous opportunity earlier. Sheahan and Kindl will each get a full minus. Sheahan loses the net-front battle to Ward while Kindl is responsible for watching Chimera, which he fails.

1st Period 07:20 - Washington Goal (PP): Joel Ward (wrist shot) from Marcus Johansson and Jason Chimera
Washington goes up 2-0 on the power play as they make some space for Joel Ward in the slot and he finishes. Helm wins the faceoff, but Quincey is tripped going back to retrieve and the Caps establish their formation. Johansson gets set up on the half-wall with Chimera low to the side of the net and the rest of the PP set up in the umbrella. Andersson is watching Ovechkin on the opposite side faceoff dot when Chimera/Johansson make the same play which leads to the Chimera PP goal on Friday, where after passing back to the man on the half-wall, Chimera circles behind the net to the back door setup. When he does this, DeKeyser moves to cover the lane, but Quincey freezes for a half-second with his stick also in that lane. This gives Joel Ward the room he needs to sneak a bit higher in the slot and receive the pass from Johansson. Ward gets the shot off just as DeKeyser crosses in front of Howard to mark up on Chimera. This allows the shot to sneak by the goalie to make it 2-0. Quincey will get a minus for the coverage. Allowing Ward to get open in the slot is a big mistake by Quincey. DeKeyser can't possibly know that this is happening because it's his job to get over on Chimera as quickly as possible.

1st Period 11:40 - Detroit Goal (PP): Gustav Nyquist (wrist shot) from Daniel Alfredsson and Niklas Kronwall
The Wings get one back on the power play after a faceoff win and a shot to the front which creates a rebound for Nyquist to put away. Z wins it to Kronwall at the left dot. Kronner sets up the umbrella by passing to Alfie on the right side. While Abdelkader goes net-front and Nyquist takes up the slot, Alfie has some room to step up, which he does on Alzner, getting all the way to the dot before firing a shot aimed far side through a screen. The puck hits Neuvirth's blocker, but kicks straight to Nyquist for the goal. Z will get a half-plus for the faceoff win that eventually leads to the goal.

1st Period 16:05 - Washington Goal (PP): John Carlson (slap shot) from Nicklas Backstrom and Martin Erat
Washington's power play makes it 3-1 on a good screened slapper from the point. Glendening loses the faceoff and a few seconds later Ovechkin gets a great shot that he puts just wide. After a bit more movement, the Caps set it up with Backstrom at the side and both Erat and Brouwer playing in the middle. They collapse the pressure fairly low with Backstrom trying a shot from the outside which kicks to the corner where Erat recovers and resets it back to him. The PP extends out a bit while Backstrom threatens to do the same thing before feeding it to Carlson at the point. As Howard looks around the Brouwer/Kronwall screen, Carlson unleashes a slapper from the top that beats Howard stick-side. Glendening will get a half-minus for losing the faceoff. This is the setup the Wings chose to defend against Ovechkin and replay shows that Howard wasn't screened by the time Carlson released the shot.

2nd Period 13:30 - Detroit Goal: Tomas Tatar (wrist shot) from Riley Sheahan and Tomas Jurco
Detroit shows some life with a great rush from a quick, young line ending in a beautiful wrister from Tatar on a moving goalie. Kronwall starts the rush from behind the Wings' net after a dump-in, escaping forechecking pressure from both sides before hitting Jurco in stride at the blue line and moving. Sheahan is already up ice in the middle and Tatar joins behind him through center. As Fehr angles to take out Jurco at the Washington blue line, he backhands the pass to Sheahan in the middle of the ice with a little bit of room in front of both Washington defensemen. That room quickly evaporates, but Sheahan throws a backhanded saucer pass across the tops of the circles where he catches Tatar in stride. Taters settles it as he coasts to the faceoff dot before chucking it into the net past Neuvirth. Kronwall and Ericsson will get the pluses that they lose for changing behind the play while Smith and Kindl will lose their pluses. Kronwall will get an extra half-plus for the move to escape the zone with speed. Both Jurco and Sheahan will get half-pluses as well for great passing to keep the play moving quickly, which leads to Tatar being able to catch Neuvirth still moving when he shoots it.

2nd Period 13:49 - Washington Goal: Joel Ward (wrist shot) from Jason Chimera and Connor Carrick
19 seconds later, the lead is back to two on some Keystone Kops defense in the Wings' zone. Smith goes back to get a dumped-in puck off the faceoff with Kindl helping him get around Chimera behind the net and to the boards on Howard's right. From here, Smith tries a pass to Andersson in the middle which is tipped by Ward and goes to Fehr. A pass back to Ward sets up an attempted pass from Ward to Carrick jumping in from the opposite-side point. Helm deflects this pass and the puck bounces to the corner where Carrick gets to it first, throwing it at the front of the net for Chimera at the top of the crease. Kindl cancels out Chimera out front, as the puck hits a skate and lays at the top of the crease. As Howard makes the adjustment to the puck being four feet from where he expected the pass to end up, Ward wins a race to the loose puck and puts it in. Only Daniel Alfredsson will be cleared (he's the immediate option up the boards to Smith which Fehr is blocking off and doesn't otherwise factor). Both Helm and Andersson pressured over on Ward to allow room for Carrick to step into one. One of them should have remained closer to the far side lane to prevent this. Kindl tying up Fehr delays this goal well, but I'd like him to get the puck out of danger here; that's not going to cost him extra punishment though. Brendan Smith will pick up a coverage minus for getting beaten to the puck by Ward. The blocked pass is unlucky, but he was making the right play there. Both board-sides were covered. His outlet should have been to the middle and it's lucky for Ward that not only did he block it, but that it rolled directly to his teammate.

2nd Period 18:49 - Detroit Goal (PP): Gustav Nyquist (wrist shot) Henrik Zetterberg and Tomas Tatar
Detroit gets a late power play goal by working hard to create a bit of chaos and finding the cross-ice pass to a wide-open Nyquist for his 2nd of the game. With 20 seconds left in the power play, Joel Ward is fighting a board battle in the corner of the Wings' zone after the Caps spend much of the man advantage frustrating the Wings. Tatar helps dig it out and get it to DeKeyser to start the rush through center, feeding it to Hank after crossing into the neutral zone. Zetterbeg enters the zone on the left wing and circles back at the half-wall to set up, backhanding a pass to Tatar in the circle to move the puck to the interior. Tatar tries to dangle it around Carrick's stick, but has this dangle blocked. As the puck sits loose, Tatar does a good job to tie up both Carrick and Erskine who moves over to help out. This gives Zetterberg space to move in and pick it up just below the circle where he feeds it cross-ice to a wide-open Nyquist. This is a good play to work hard to earn some luck and it's how a power play should score. No adjustment.

3rd Period 00:42 - Detroit Goal: Gustav Nyquist (tip-in) from Henrik Zetterberg and Niklas Kronwall
Detroit ties it 4-4 early in the third off a great pass and finish from Hank to Nyquist to finish the hat trick. On the half-wall in the Washington zone, Helm and Alfredsson are trying to set up the cycle when Alfie misses a pass to the point which rolls all the way into Detroit's zone. The forwards change while Kronwall sets the play up behind his own net, beating three forecheckers with a simple pass up the middle to Zetterberg in full flight. As Z crosses center, Abdelkader is positioned on the left wing side up ice ready to cross into the zone behind Z while Nyquist is joining the rush on the right at roughly the same pace. Erskine pushes Z off to the left side after he gets into the zone. Hank responds by winding up for a half-slapper to freeze the defense in place before instead slapping the pass to Nyquist streaking to the far post with a step on Backstrom. The pass finds Nyquist's stick perfectly and slides inside the far post to tie it up. I have no idea how the Wings were allowed to make this rush, but the passing was great. Kronwall and Ericsson change behind the rush and will get back the pluses awarded to Quincey and Dekeyser. Zetterberg will get a half-plus on how quickly he moves the puck up ice and how smartly he freezes the defense to give room for this play to develop.

3rd Period 04:28 - Washington Goal: Troy Brouwer (wrist shot) unassisted
Brouwer retakes the lead for the Caps when a brutal turnover earns him a loose puck right in front of the net. Tatar comes out of the box and almost sets up Zetterberg for a goal but for a good save by Neuvirth. Ovi pushes it up the boards for Brouwer, where Kronwall steps up on him. Kronner stops Brouwer in his tracks, but doesn't keep the puck in. The covering Abdelkader hustles back in a race with Erat which he barely wins by swinging his stick at the puck and knocking it in Jonathan Ericsson's direction before the Caps' forward can get his stick to it. Riggy lets the puck go through his legs instead of trying to pick it up. This allows the puck to roll all the way to the corner where Erat is able to pressure in on Ericsson. Riggy sets up position allowing him to turn up ice and shake Erat, but Backstrom rushes in to pressure him as well, causing Riggy to try a fancy push pass over to Abdelkader closer to the middle. Instead, Ericsson pushes it past Abdelkader and the puck rolls to the middle of the ice where Brouwer gets to it and immediately roofs it over Howard's glove. Nyquist's minus will be cleared because he's completely up ice behind this play and doesn't factor in. Zetterberg is playing an outlet up ice behind Backstrom and it's only because he hustles that he's anwywhere near the play. Hank will also be cleared. It's unfortunate for Abdelkader after making a good play that he gets let down, but as he's the first forward back, he really should be playing the middle of the ice and instead he ranges far too close to the boards, giving Brouwer space on the turnover. This will earn Abdelkader a minus. Ericsson makes two big mistakes on this play and will get a minus-and-a-half. The half minus is letting the Abdelkader pass get to the corner. The full minus is for turning it over in the corner.

3rd Period 06:25 - Detroit Goal: Justin Abdelkader (backhand) from Gustav Nyquist and Henrik Zetterberg
Abby gets it tied up again with a battle in front by sliding it through the legs on a moving goalie. After a scrambled faceoff gets pushed to the corner, Abdelkader and Nyquist battle Beagle and Alzner to free it up, with Beagle trying to end the battle by chopping it up ice. The puck goes straight to Henrik Zetterberg at the dot, who tries to fire a Brett Hull snapper. Hank doesn't get everything on it and it gets mostly blocked by the stick of Carlson. As Carlson tries to control, Nyquist gets there first and throws a backhand at the front of the net where it connects with Abdelkader also rushing up from the corner battle. Abby controls it for a split-second before backhanding it through the sprawling Neuvirth. Abby will get a half-plus for good board battling while Nyquist will get a full plus for doing the same plus getting the loose puck to his teammate.

Overtime 02:37 - Washington Goal (PP): Alexander Ovechkin (slap shot) from John Carlson and Nicklas Backstrom
Detroit's PK gets victimized again on a 4-on-3 power play when Ovie gets room for a one-timer from the circle which he blasts past Howard for the winner. After the Wings kill off the first minute of the power play, even getting a clear in the process, Washington sets up a box-type power play with Backstrom and Brouwer low to either side of the net and Carlson/Ovechkin making up the point men at the tops of the circles. Backstrom has it low to Howard's left, drawing Quincey into the lane covering both Backstrom's path to the net and the passing lane to Ovi. DeKeyser stands at the top of the crease to cover the cross-ice to Brouwer and the emergency coverage if the pass gets through to Ovi. Andersson is up top between the two point men, but cheating to the Carlson side because that's the side where the puck is. Backstrom goes to Carlsson, who quickly turns to feed it from the top of the right circle to Ovi just inside the top of the left. DK goes out to challenge, but he's still very far away by the time Ovi one-times the shot past him and around the moving Howard for the game-winner. No adjustment. This is a pick-your-poison setup and is insanely hard to defend. I don't think anybody deserves blame considering how quickly the Caps moved this puck around.

Penalty Adjustments

1st Period 07:02 - Gustav Nyquist (slashing): The Wings are forechecking aggressively in the zone when Nyquist chases to the half-boards on a loose puck, losing the positioning battle and slashing the stick out of Orlov's hand. Nyquist will get a minus. 
1st Period 11:31 - Connor Carrick (cross checking)
The Wings forecheck gets involved in the zone and Jurco gets knocked down for going to the front of the net. Tatar, Sheahan, and Jurco will each get a half-plus for helping put the pressure on to draw this.
1st Period 13:21 - Aaron Volpatti (hooking): The Caps forecheck into the Wings' zone and end up going to the box when Miller wins a board battle with some great body positioning, creating a hook by Volpatti. Miller will get a plus.
1st Period 15:33 - Kyle Quincey (puck over glass):
Ovechkin skates in hard on Quincey in the Wings zone, leaning hard on the man and causing Quincey to put the puck over the glass. Q has to do better here, despite the help he gets. Quincey will get a minus.
1st Period 19:20 - Jakub Kindl (holding):
Kindl loses a board battle to Chimera and is victimized by the ref falling for a bit of acting.. but not that much. Kindl will get a half-minus for the hold, but Tomas Jurco will also pick up a half-minus. This puck gets lower in the zone because he's very slow to pressure up on it.

2nd Period 16:52 - Troy Brouwer (slashing): Brower takes a chop at Tatar coming out of the Wings' zone, heading to the box for his indiscretion. It's a good deke by Tatar to get around Brouwer cleanly and will earn Tatar a plus.

3rd Period 02:03 - Tomas Tatar (tripping): Tatar gets ties up with Orlov in the neutral zone on an outlet pass and ends up corkscrewing his skates out from under him. Minus for Tatar.
3rd Period 09:56 - Henrik Zetterberg (tripping):
The Wings get a penalty on a Washington turnover that turns into Karl Alzner falling down and Henrik Zetterberg getting blamed for it. No adjustment. This is a bad call.

Overtime 01:26 - Brendan Smith (tripping): Troy Brouwer is the latest Capitals player to skate into contact and take a fall to earn a penalty. This one is pretty disgusting because it cost the Wings the game on the power play. No adjustment. Smith was standing in position when Brouwer skated into him and fell down. Your'e not required to lift your stick out of a guy's way.

Bonus Ratings

-0.5 to Brendan Smith: Brutal game for Smith, who did not move the puck well and struggled mightily with the Capitals' forecheck. 
+0.5 to Danny DeKeyser: DK held his own well against tougher competition with 50/50 zone starts. He did have a couple giveaway which kept this from being a full plus, but I liked his game in this one.
+1 to Gustav Nyquist and Justin Abdelkader: Combined with Z, this line was very good. Hank and Nyquist were slightly better than Abby, and the overall adjustments bear that out, but the whole line was good.

Honorable Mentions:

Kronwall and Ericsson did pretty well to limit Ovechkin at even strength. Overall, I'm glad the Wings got a point out of this game fighting back after such an uninspiring start.

Current Game Chart

Season Totals Chart

Screener's Assist Totals

Player Name Screener's Assists Totals
Jonathan Ericsson 1
Johan Franzen 2
Justin Abdelkader 3.5
Todd Bertuzzi 3.5
Tomas Tatar 1
Darren Helm 1
Henrik Zetterberg 1
Patrick Eaves 1
Daniel Cleary 1