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Quick Hits: Hitting it Quick

All the diggers literally write the exact same stories.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports


Red Wings hopeful Pavel Datsyuk ready Thursday; Jonas Gustavsson to practice Wednesday, make trip |
Datsyuk has missed 14 games with a knee issue but will play in two games before the Olympics if all goes according to plan. Weiss is headed to Juniors… then the AHL… then the Wings' 4th line.

Henrik Zetterberg has been a marvel as Red Wings captain | The Detroit News
It's the beard.

Red Wings not planning any trades before Friday deadline, says GM Ken Holland | The Detroit News
He likes his team. Plus, getting back the injured guys back is like acquiring players at the deadline. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Stars, Stripes and Eagle on Jimmy Howard Olympic Mask - The Goalie Magazine -
AMERICA. Suck it, Graham.

City Council gives approval to new hockey arena | Crain's Detroit Business
I just hope they bring over the troughs.


Should The Stadium Series Continue? - The Hockey Writers
Uhhh… I'll say no. It's bad… until the Red Wings play in Denver next year. Then, of course, it's good. Because the Wings are in it. And screw the Dive.

Arizona Coyotes will debut next season | FOX Sports on MSN
New name… same old attendance jokes probably. Highlight of this article though? They're wearing their old crazy aztec-like jerseys next year as a throwback. Time to bust out the peyote.

Florida Panthers will give you a seat in exchange for losing lottery tickets | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Wait, so $10 worth of used lottery tickets gets you into a Panthers game? Screw that. I'll just buy a ticket for $5.

Insider Trading: Vanek, MacDonald, and latest on Bolland
Here's a bunch of info about a bunch of players the Ken Holland will never actually trade for.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What's your favorite Brendan Smith moment?

Let's Go Red Wings.