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Gamethread: Red Wings vs. Panthers

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports
America's Wiener Panthers Team Detroit Red Wings
22-27-7 51 points Record 25-19-12 62 points
Tim "Timmy Tim" Thomas (15-16-3 2.74 GAA) Starting Goaltender Jimmy "Jim Jim" Howard (11-12-9 2.69 GAA)
Litter Box Cats SB Nation Blog / Last meeting Jan 26th (4-3 OTL)
7:30 PM EST Time - Television FS-D, FS-F


[sirens blare, a huge metal door creaks as flashing lights warn of large hoses detaching themselves from the vault exterior. A man’s hand turns a key and unlocks a box under which is a large red button. Sweat collects on his brow as his lone job is to make sure he doesn’t have to press that button. The door opens to a satisfying "WHOOSH" sound and from behind it skates Pavel Datsyuk, full gear and stick in hand. He pauses momentarily to take it all in, looks up at the control room window and winks at the man in charge of the button. A bitching guitar solo screeches through the air as he races from the underground containment cell and rejoins the team.]

Have fun in the comments and Let's Go Red Wings.