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The Johan Franzen vs. Chris Neil Feud is Getting Good

Not pictured: Chris Neil
Not pictured: Chris Neil
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

It's been two days since the Red Wings polished off the Senators 6-1, but the fighting isn't over yet and it's getting good.

If you'll remember, things got chippy toward the end of the game as Senators meathead Chris Neil decided he had seen just about enough of Johan Franzen and decided to try and instigate a fight with the player in just his second game back from a concussion.

After the game, Franzen had some great things to say about Chris Neil, namely how late in games like this he "puts his cape on" and goes out trying to do something notable so people don't criticize him for being bad at hockey.

Yesterday, Chris Neil fired back with some caveman garbage about how he wants Franzen to put on lipstick so they can fight.

He wants to drop his purse, take the lipstick out, put it on his lips and let's go. Anytime. Any day. Anywhere.

Neil went on to whine about a stick-tap to the midsection and to say that while he goes out there and stands up for his teammates, Franzen brings nothing but trouble to his.

All the stupidity/misogyny from Chris Neil aside, today Johan Franzen got what should be the knockout blow to this feud (at least it will be if Chris Neil knows what's good for him... which I feel he probably doesn't).

I'd like to sum up Twitter's response to this:

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