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NHL Open Thread for March 31st

If this is the Dwight King, you don't want to meet the Dwong King.
If this is the Dwight King, you don't want to meet the Dwong King.
Marilyn Indahl-US PRESSWIRE


After an exciting weekend of Red Wings' hockey, we've got a couple days off to rest, recuperate, watch baseball and I guess root against New Jersey? What an ugly schedule tonight.

  • Take your pick in Carolina vs. Ottawa. We still have one game left against the Canes, so I want whatever happens tonight to increase the likelihood that we'll be able to beat the Hurricanes when we face them on Friday the 11th (note that this is a general butterfly effect kind of hope and not a "gee I hope a few of their guys get injured hurrrrr" kind of hope. That would be a bad hope and Adrian Dater would send the Universe after me for doing that, so I won't).
  • New Jersey is probably the last team with a realistic shot of making the playoffs, so they're the team I'm rooting against. Still, this game is going to be boring and the Devils are going to win.
  • Winnipeg is a terrible place where people get mad at players for being there for the birth of their own children, but you could clamp my balls to a dump truck's battery and I still wouldn't root for Anaheim unless I had to. Go Jets.
  • I'm rooting for Minnesota to miss the playoffs for no real specific reason other than I like it more when Minny fans are upset because they're so precious when they're angry. I don't really care about Los Angeles and still consider them the lesser of the evils among the California teams. I just hope Dustin Brown doesn't kill anybody.

What are you hoping to see tonight?