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NHL Trade Deadline Open Thread

Justin K. Aller

Good morning and welcome to one of the biggest hype days in hockey, as the NHL's trade deadline is coming up at 3pm EST today. General managers have already started making moves in what seems like a deadline with more big names up for grabs than in years past. Edmonton flipped Bryzgalov to Minnesota so they could grab Viktor Fasth from Anaheim, who snapped Stephane Robidas out of Dallas and sent Dustin Penner to Washington. Heck, even Roberto Luongo got freed from the shackles of his Canuck oppressors when they sent him to Florida.

Of the list of names on the Red Wings' radar, Andy MacDonald moved to Philadelphia in return for two draft picks (yikes).

So far Kenny's been playing it tight. Tallinder, Ehrhoff, Edler, Kesler, Byfuglien, Gilbert, and anybody else they might be looking at haven't come off the trade table as of this writing, but things change quickly.

We've got a live thread to discuss all the happenings an non-happenings. Feel free to drop in and give your two cents. We'll try to keep you up-to-date with what moves happen.