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Gamethread: Detroit Red Wings vs. New York Rangers

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Hey how's that lost hour of sleep treating you?

I liked that last game where I didn't use the usual widget for our gamethreads, so I decided to leave it in the garage one more time just in case all the magic in the universe is dedicated to awarding hockey fans for doing weird things.

So Marty St. Louis is in New York now and the big whiny baby is apparently happy to have abandoned all of his teammates and fans in Tampa to make that happen. It may or may NOT have anything to do with an Olympic snub that ended just prior to the gold fucking medal the guy won, but hey, I'm sure all of his reasons are great ones. What a champion. What a teammate. What an asshole.

Chug a bottle of Jack Daniels every time somebody refers to a game as "must-win" for the rest of the season. Go get your bottle now because I'm saying it: The Red Wings must win as many games down the stretch as they can. This one is winnable, so it's a must-win.