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Detroit Red Wings vs. Boston Bruins Game 2 Highlights & Post-Game Comments from Mike Babcock, Jimmy Howard

Here's four minutes' worth of reliving yesterday's game, if you're interested in watching a lot of Bruins stuff. If you cut up to the 1:40 mark, you get to see a Kronwalling at least.

Here's Mike Babcock's take on the reason the series is now tied. He repeats himself a bit, but the big reasons he touches on are the special teams battle and the Wings getting off their own game to "play like them." I especially liked the part where he mentions the fact that the Wings took four roughing penalties in this match, something he says they haven't done all year.

Jimmy Howard doesn't have much of an explanation for the first goal other than "it happened." Of course he knows that it's something that shouldn't happen, but I have to say I disagree pretty heavily when he says he doesn't think it has anything to do with the outcome of that game. Narrative talk aside from right now, purely mathematically, that goal equaled the Red Wings' entire output. If no other Boston goals "just happened", then the Wings would still have been looking for something to "just happen" in overtime.

If you want to listen to Kronwall say basically the same stuff that Howard and Babcock said, here's the link to his postgame comments.

Game 3 is Tuesday night.