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Check out how a Blind Red Wings Fan watches Detroit Games

Redditor GrumpyFinn put this video up online today with a link in Reddit's /r/hockey titled "A few people in this sub have asked how I watch hockey while being blind, so I made a video." It's a quite informative piece on how somebody with a severe visual impairment can still enjoy the fast-paced game of hockey.

I think my favorite part (aside from the Lidstrom jersey) is the point made about appreciating good announcers. I think Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond take lots of flak from outside Red Wings fandom for being "homers", but the reality of the situation is that the job they do night in and night out is informative, descriptive and entertaining. While those should be baseline job core competencies, it's obvious that not every fanbase has an announcing crew that can claim that. Announcers are there to help paint a picture and our guys do a great job.

Thanks so much to GrumpyFinn for sharing this with us (and for permission to share this with you). Also, like she said, no jokes about reffing please.