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Red Wings vs. Canadiens: Rank 'Em!

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit met the Habs on Thursday night for a bit o' the ol' foofaraw. It was a bad foofaraw until the middle of the third period, then became a very good foofaraw. Foofaraw!

Quick Thoughts

  • Detroit's power play is like perforated paper: It's tearable.
  • Darren Helm finally scored a goal that wasn't gifted to him by the netminder. That was really neat.
  • I take back what I said about the power play up there. I'm sorry.

Now you give a thumbs up to the Wings you thought did a good job and a thumbs down to the ones you didn't think did so hot. Lukewarm feelings don't deserve thumbs. Don't give them.

Detroit Red Wings Coach