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Red Wings vs. Canucks: Rank 'Em!

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Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Red Wings played like crap against the Canucks, but they got a point. This game is dumb. 4-3 Canucks.

Quick Thoughts

  • Starting 40 minutes late after three days off is a bad thing.
  • Shots of Adam Oates up in the press box makes him look way more like a Bond villain. His eyebrows are permanently stuck on "I. AM. VERY. DISAPPOINTED."
  • Drew Miller probably would not have scored in this game.

Now we need you to give us your votes. It's an easy process: you give a thumbs up to the players you thought did a good job and a thumbs down to the people you thought hurt the team. If you weren't moved one way or another, you don't need to give a vote. We count those as neutral and they're helpful too.

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