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NHL Playoffs and IIHF World Championship 2015 Viewing Guide: How to Watch Monday's Games

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We're getting to that point where we're going to have empty nights for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This is one of those nights. We'll have to wait until Tuesday to find out if the Bolts can finish off the Habs. We know that Tuesday won't involve a Ducks/Flames game.

AHL Playoffs (Griffins)

The Griffins have a 2-0 lead, but don't play again until Wednesday (WEDNESDAY!)

IIHF World Championship 2015

Round Group Date Visitor Home Location Status
Preliminary A Mon, May 11 Austria Germany O2 Arena, Prague, CZE 10:15 AM EDT
Preliminary B Mon, May 11 Belarus Finland CEZ Arena, Ostrava, CZE 10:15 AM EDT
Preliminary A Mon, May 11 France Sweden O2 Arena, Prague, CZE 2:15 PM EDT
Preliminary B Mon, May 11 Denmark Slovakia CEZ Arena, Ostrava, CZE 2:15 PM EDT

I'm giving up the ability to care about Slovakia's games. That's a doomed team.