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Dylan Larkin Aces Development Camp Drills

Dylan Larkin was nothing short of his usual impressive self on the 1st day of Development Camp. Here he is killing a couple drills and making them look effortless, despite many others not looking so good doing them.

Larkin makes these drills look easy, but quite a few kids struggled with stick handling through the pucks and getting it up (heh) over the stick in the first drill. Not Larkin though, he looks like he could do it in his sleep on one foot and with one hand. Not only did he do it very well, but he went through the entire thing much quicker than most.

The second drill was fun to watch because it tested players in close quarters with things happening quickly and very little time to re-position or react.

The 3rd drill is a simple one compared to many they did, but it works on hand eye coordination and receiving and making passes quickly. Larkin's passes were very nice, and he received and passed the puck quickly, again making it look much easier than many others did.