2016 NHL Draft Profile: Logan Brown is a lethal blend of size and skill that could allure attention from Red Wings

Logan Brown is a towering 218-pound centerman at 6-foot-6. Don't be fooled by his size, though.. Brown is a playmaker at heart.

The 2016 NHL Draft class is lush with center prospects containing all the tools and tangibles that teams go crazy for. Size, speed, skill, good hockey sense, the list goes on. You can bet your bottom dollar that Ken Holland will be drafting a couple of centers this year, and we could even see it happening in the first round. It's vintage Holland drafting - you can never have too many centers.

Today, we're talking about Logan Brown. Logan is a colossal center out of an unusual place, but despite such a vast frame, Brown has the skill and vision of a natural playmaking power forward. I really like this guy, and I have no doubts that Red Wings' scouting does, too.

Player Profile

Name: Logan Brown
Position: Center
Born: March 5th, 1998 -- Raleigh, North Carolina
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Shoots: Left

Kyle's Analysis

When you think of pure power forwards in this draft, Logan Brown is very likely atop of the list. The six-foot-six, 222-pound centerman from Raleigh has a monstrous frame all while having completely deceptive skating abilities, which are still developing at the tender age of 18. Typically I am not one to draft based around size, but when you blend Logan's skill, hockey sense, it's hard to ignore the fact that the kid is bigger than most NHL forwards. Obviously there is a huge learning curve going from CHL hockey to pro-level hockey, but Brown really strikes me as a player who could step into the big leagues next season if need be.

Since he's such a big guy, Logan Brown protects the puck easily at the OHL level, which enables him to be a fantastic setup guy. Somewhat like Joe Thornton, just a very strong, smart, and skilled center who can also give you good numbers with faceoffs as well. Tyler Parchem of EliteProspects.com's take on Logan Brown:

Brown is a huge center that excels at both ends of the ice. He can be dominant in the offensive zone but takes care of his own end as well. His 6'6 frame is key to his success as he uses his body to shield his puck and his reach to keep it off other players sticks. He is not overly physical for a player his size, but will finish every check and battle down low very effectively. He has a good shot with a pro like release as well as good creativity and maturity when passing the puck.

Mike Morreale of NHL.com writes:

Forward Logan Brown of Windsor of the Ontario Hockey League is more than a typical playmaking center.

At 6-foot-6 and 222 pounds, Brown is anything but typical. The fact that he has a fluid skating stride to complement his deceptive speed makes him one of the more intriguing talents available for the 2016 NHL Draft.

"I've been pretty big my entire life but have also put in a lot of work on the ice every day," Brown said. "I work on having quick feet and that explosiveness that might help me become one of those better skaters."
Morreale continues...


NHL CSS: 7 (NA Skaters)

McKeen's: 13

Future Considerations: 14

ISS: 7

I'd love to land a prospect like Brown, but I have a feeling he'll be long gone before Detroit can get him.

Bottom Line

Logan Brown has just about every single tool you want from your prototypical power-center. Size, skating, decent shot, great vision, and excellent passing abilities. Brown certainly strikes me as a player that could go in the top 10 picks, just because of the aforementioned attributes.

I think Brown could step into pro hockey next year. He's got the frame, and a summer of training and development with an NHL club will do him very well. Even if he fell to Detroit, and they took him, I doubt he would be given a spot on the NHL roster, which is totally fine. I'm not saying Brown is destined for NHL glory, I'm just saying that he could probably step in and compete for a spot with ease. So, yes, if Logan Brown is available at 16th overall, the Red Wings would be silly to not take him.


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Would you be happy with drafting Logan Brown in the first round of the 2016 NHL Draft?