2016 NHL Draft Profile: Cam Dineen could be the Draft's ultimate sleeper pick

We've talked a lot about first-round picks, but today we are talking about later picks that could end up being ultra-sleeper choices. Cam Dineen tops the list in that regard.

So, yeah, I've covered a lot of first-round picks so far. Actually, all of them are slated to be first-rounders. Today, I am talking about a kid who is likely to be taken in the second round. A very shifty, gifted defenseman who can make plays in all situations. Cam Dineen is one that I consider to be an ultimate sleeper pick.

Player Profile

Name: Cam Dineen

Position: Defenseman

Born: June 19th, 1998 -- Toms River, New Jersey

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs.

Shoots: Left

Kyle's Analysis

What can I say about Cam Dineen? The kid does it all. He plays in all situations, he's smart with the puck, and he has the vision that could match most NHL defensemen.

He's another one of those players that slips outside of the first round due to his size. Despite that, his ability to play in big offensive situations is astounding. Whether it is setting it up, or closing it out, Cam Dineen can do it. He reminds me a lot of Joe Hicketts in that he is an all-situation player, but puts numbers on the scoresheet. Dineen can see the play before it develops, and make sharp decisions to notch a goal for his team.

I think that with a couple of year's worth of development at the junior and professional level could turn Cam Dineen into a definite top-four guy. When I watch him make plays, I find myself reminded of what Brian Rafalski did in his time with the Red Wings. Obviously that is a lofty bar to set for such a young, under-developed player, but I really think that Dineen could be a very special player in the NHL one day.

From Future Considerations:

His patience really stands out when either passing, shooting or waiting for the best option to be there. He chooses the right type of shot based on the situation, not rushing anything and waiting for the right lane. He does a very good job of opening space in the offensive zone with fast movement and quick feet along the blueline to make crisp passes to the free man. He keeps his head on a swivel, is aware of the options and the play developing, and just seems to know where the puck is at all times. Dineen maintains the gap well and closes in at just the right time.


NHL CSS: 39 (NA Skaters)

Future Considerations: 40

Bottom Line

His size has pushed him down the rankings. No doubt about it, if Dineen was but a couple of inches taller, he would be a bonafide top-20 pick. He has all of the tools to be a top-four defenseman one day in the NHL. This is why I picked him to be one of the 2016 NHL Draft's biggest sleeper picks.

The Red Wings pick 16th, and 46th in the first two rounds. I think the idea of drafting Dineen could be a bit crazy (so crazy it just might work), and him falling to 46th is farfetched. Despite that, if Detroit finds themselves with Cam Dineen in their wheelhouse outside of the first round, they should swing for the fences. He's an immensely talented two-way defenseman, despite his small frame. If this kid falls to you in the second round, take him. Don't be stupid. This is a very, very special athlete.


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Would you take Cam Dineen at 16th, or 46th overall?

16th (Hail Mary)36
46th (Ultra-Sleeper)357