2016 NHL Draft Profile: Max Jones

The Red Wings have made it obvious that they want to draft kids with size. Say whatever you want about that, I believe that drafting for size is typically a bad idea, but they've accrued some very promising talent with size over the past few years in players like Evgeny Svechnikov, and Anthony Mantha. The guy we're talking about today is right on that same tier.

Max Jones is a Michigan-developed player, who has a humongous frame, yet tons of skill. I do think that the Red Wings have had a thorough look at him, given where he comes from, and all of the other tangible attributes he possesses.

Player Profile

Name: Max Jones

Position: Left Wing

Born: February 17th, 1998 -- Rochester, Michigan

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 201 lbs.

Shoots: Left

Kyle's Analysis

Max Jones definitely has the size aspect down. He's a towering winger at six-foot-three. His frame gives him the ability to push his way around the opposition. When you mix his frame and strength alongside his ability to pick up speed with his crossovers, you have a prototypical power-winger. Jones really likes to use his wingspan to turn defenders on their heels, which enables him to easily cut through defenses and create high-quality chances.

If you watch the highlight video at the bottom of this article, you'll see that Jones has a ridiculous amount of skill. Matching that with his frame and ability to use it with puck-handling, he could be a serious threat in the NHL some day. Jones has a wicked-deceptive wrist shot with a quick release, and he uses it well when he creates space for himself. The question is if he will be able to bring that sort of strength and dominance to a higher level.

The big knock on Max Jones is that he's undisciplined. He was suspended for 12 games last season for a really nasty blindside hit. Along with that, like any power forward, he tends to show some inconsistency. He'll dominate one shift, then disappear the next. There's a good chance this will have him slide down in the rankings.

From Future Considerations:

"A lack of discipline and inconsistent play plagued Jones’ game much of the year, but his scoring ability and mix of size, speed and skill will make him successful when he puts it all together."


NHL CSS: 14 (NA Skaters)

Future Considerations: 20

Bottom Line

With Anthony Mantha, and Evgeny Svechnikov, the Red Wings have their fair-share of power-wingers. I wouldn't be upset if they took Jones, but I'm not sure I'd be entirely satisfied if it was at 16th overall.

All-in-all, Jones is a damn fine prospect. If he can work on his discipline and his defensive play, he has the ceiling to be a top-six winger in the NHL one day. The size and strength are definitely no question in that regard. The way he uses his size, and shot, he really reminds of a player that Johan Franzen was. A pure thoroughbred-type player who can punish the opposition with his size and skill.


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