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Red Wings at Coyotes: Rank 'Em!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Wings headed into Glendale to take on the Gila River Coyotes of Phoenix Arizona and to finish out their road trip with a winning record regardless of what happened. After going down 2-0 through two bad periods, the Wings tied it with two PP goals to force OT. During OT, they OH MY GOD DEKEYSER

Quick Thoughts

  • I wrote a bunch of different bullets after the 2nd period and then deleted them after the game got tied. What I'm saying now is much nicer.
  • The Wings still don't play the body often enough and it's really annoying watching opponents get numbers up ice because of it.
  • Nicklas Grossmann really likes the way Pavel Datsyuk smells.

Now please vote using the buttons below. Thumbs up or down depending on how well you thought each player performed, leaving no votes for neutral players.

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