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Minnesota Wild claim Teemu Pulkkinen off waivers

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Surprise! Red Wings give yet another valuable asset up for free.

NHL: Dallas Stars at Detroit Red Wings Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

DETROIT, MICH — It was announced yesterday that Red Wings forward Teemu Pulkkinen had been placed on waivers. Guess what? He’s gone now. The Minnesota Wild have made the claim on the former AHL goal-scoring champion:

Fun fact: Minnesota was the team Pulkkinen scored his first-ever NHL goal on.

Pulkkinen is a former AHL goal-scoring champion who has proven that he can pound the puck into the net with his thunderous shot if given the space. The problem is that the Red Wings never gave him that chance. He was misused given the skill-set he has, and now he will get his shot with a team that wants him.

Looking back to yesterday, the diggers had reported that Jeff Blashill said one of Anthony Mantha or Andreas Athanasiou will start the season in the NHL. You can use that as a positive note, or you can be like me and just accept the fact that one of them will be used as depth on the 4th line.

I’m not sure what Ken Holland’s master plan is here, or if he even has one. With Pulkkinen gone, and Mantha down to Grand Rapids, the team now sits at 22 roster players when you factor in injured reserve. Is there something else in the works? Perhaps, but I doubt it.