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WIIM Radio Mailbag: Season Opening Extravaganza

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US Postal Service Tests Segway Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Welcome back to the WIIM Radio mailbag! We’ll be recording an episode late tonight with the plans for it to go up tomorrow for your listening pleasure, so we need your help to fill out my favorite part of the show. First off, here’s a rundown of topics we’re going to be going over.

The Red Wings: Just... Everything - Between roster moves, waiver losses, line combinations, defensive units, and everything else, we’re just going to kind of go and get it all out there.

Around the NHL - What kind of expectations do we have everywhere else? What players should be fun to watch this year (one way or another)? How will the playoffs look when all is said and done?

Moves Still to be Made - Jacob Trouba and Hampus Lindholm are still unsigned RFAs by their respective teams as we wait for the Jets to make a move deciding if they want to sign or trade their kid and the Ducks to make a move to make space for Lindholm and Rakell.

Positivity Corner - I’m putting this in here as a placeholder to make sure we all have something nice to say.

Reader Questions - Here’s where you come in: drop your questions into the comments and if we haven’t already covered it, we’ll make sure to give you a better answer than the people who reply give you (unless we can’t, in which case we’ll probably just read that comment out loud).

Go ahead and get your questions in and LGRW!