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Wildly Acclaimed Game Day Predictions Contest Back for Encore Season

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You wish you had Marty’s sports almanac for this, but you’ll just have to rely on your intuition, #gritfactor, or #fancystats.

Good morning, dear readers! It’s the best kind of morning - the morning before a hockey game. And not just any hockey. Red Wings hockey. It’s been an eventful offseason, unpredictable until the last minute, but it’s time for the return of our beloved Winged Wheelers to NHL ice.

That also means that the Game Day Predictions Contest is back! If you’re not familiar with what this battle of wits is all about, sit back, get comfortable, and let me learn you a thing.

Well, it’s actually pretty straightforward. The Game Day Predictions Contest is a contest of predictions you make on game days. Genius, right? Of course it is. Everyone is invited to play along - WIIM regulars, lurkers, even fans of opposing teams are welcome to join in! All you have to do is have the gift of clairvoyance and you’ll be golden.

So here’s how it works: every game day, your eyes will be treated to the witty words of the WIIM staff introducing the matchup between the Wings and their opponents, also known as the Morning Skates. At the bottom of these posts, you’ll be able to submit your predictions for the game’s winner, final score, and the Red Wings Player of the Game.

Points will be handed out for correct predictions as so:

  • Game winner is worth 1 point.
  • Final score is worth 5 points
  • Red Wings POTG is worth 2 points.

Getting all three predictions correct nets you 15 points, so make sure your crystal balls are tuned in nicely all season long! I’ll post occasional updates on point accruals throughout the year, but don’t be disheartened by a run of misses or if you can’t make predictions for every game. One perfect day could give you a huge boost!

But wait, I’ve almost forgotten the most important thing. What are you all competing for? Well, the awe and adoration of all your fellow hockey fans at your prophesying prowess of course, not to mention priceless Internet Points(R)*.

Last year’s winner was commenter wingingintherain, but their bragging rights are now up for grabs, as well as the distinctive title of “Chef För Alla Chefer,” aka the #SwedishMafia boss.

Who will win this year’s Gold Octopus Award? Only time will tell.

Unless you’re actually friends with a crazy genius with a souped-up DeLorean, in which case, keep it to yourself. The rest of you - get out there and predict your little fingers off, because the puck drops on the 2016-17 Red Wings season tonight.

Let’s Go Red Wings!!

*Internet Points are not recognized as a valid form of currency in the states of California, Minnesota, New Jersey, or the province of Quebec. Some restrictions apply.