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Listen to WIIM Radio: Red Wings are 4-2 Edition

2008 China High-tech Fair Held In Shenzhen Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Welcome to the newest edition of WIIM Radio! We have a packed house for this one, as I’m joined by Kyle, Graham, and Prashanth for a rip-roaring good time after the Wings put up four straight wins. Here’s what we went over:

The Start to the Season - Positives and negatives from the beginning of the season as the Wings have a 4-2 record to start. What’s been working out so far and what hasn’t been?

The Ericsson Renaissance - The whole team’s defensive structure has changed and it seems that Ericsson is a beneficiary of it. He’s a whole new person while the Wings slow things down in one end to speed them up in another.

The Cam Fowler Rumors - It seems almost inevitable that it will happen, but there’s lots of reasons to believe it might not. Will the defensive resurgence prevent it from happening? Is Fowler worth the price it will probably cost?

Jimmy Howard and Speaking of Trades - Will the Wings end up moving Howard? Can they? Do they even want to? Is it Smart? Did I leave the iron on? All this and more.

Surprises of the Early Season - Break up the Oilers because they’re great! We also take a look at surprises and disappointments in the early season.

Positivity Corner - Stuff we’re thankful and happy for, because it’s working so far and we like things that are working.

Reader Questions - Y’all ask awesome questions and we answered them as best we could. Couldn’t do it without you.

You can listen via the embedded player above or download the episode at our Blogtalk Radio page. You can also check us out on iTunes or Google Podcasts by searching Winging It In Motown (or just winging it in motown if you’re too cool for capitalization).

As always, WIIM Radio is rated R for language and transporting hazardous materials across state lines without displaying proper safety signage.