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The Return of Quick Hits

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Detroit Red Wings v Toronto Maple Leafs Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

A quick introduction for everybody this morning, because we’re bringing back something old in a new way. Thanks to feedback from our readers who want a place to congregate and share in kind of an open-thread environment, here’s the new Quick Hits. We’ll have a couple of stories for you to get the juices flowing, but we want you to use this as an opportunity to bring stuff in here for discussion. Here are your first two appetizers:

The Big Story

The Box - by Jim Rutherford: The Players’ Tribune

The reigning Cup-winning GM weighs in on all of the pieces and parts that go into being a successful general manager in this league. There’s a ton of great stuff in here that I feel I often forget about all the different responsibilities of the GM and all the various sources of context behind things that we don’t necessarily see. Rutherford seems to have a real good outlook on what he’s doing.

In Red Wings Land

Teemu Pulkkinen in tonight, must ‘demand’ role with Detroit Red Wings - by Helene St. James: Detroit Free Press

Jeff Blashill calls out Pulkkinen, Nyquist, and Tatar for having to put up points to make up for their lack of physicality, size, and net-front presence compared to Justin Abdelkader. Helene never passes on an opportunity to allow for shots at the “soft Euros” in her reporting and she did it here again. You’ll notice additional context of Blashill’s comments from Ansar Khan’s writeup on the same topic, where Blashill kind of softens the stance.

Either way, it’s frustrating to see what looks like a separation of traditional intangibles and newer intangibles (puck-moving, elusive, speedy, etc...) without somebody really grabbing Blashill and asking for more clarification on the point, but leaving out a hearty chunk of context there is pretty questionable.

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So there’s your starter for the day and here’s your open thread. Go ahead and discuss away. Feel free to share interesting stories you’ve come across in the last day or so. Please keep topics to hockey with no more than one degree of separation from the sport though. Plenty of places out there to talk about the debate last night.

Thanks and LGRW!